Quality Service Company is a family owned and operated business, established in 1967 by John Voyles.  While working at G E as a PCE in receiving inspection, the need for a sorting service was recognized.  That need was fulfilled by starting a private company to detail defective material by sorting or reworking component parts to keep the assembly lines running.  We have maintained a perfect record intact by performing quality services, such as sorting, reworking and modifying.  This service provides a third party representative for the suppliers, thus fulfilling our motto, “The Supplier’s Friend”.   We have over 50 years experience in the sorting, rework, and maching business.  As a Company, we strive to deliver the best quality, at the fairest price and the quickest possible turn around to accommodate our customers.  Our 4400 square foot facility is located in Galena, Indiana, a short 20 minutes from Louisville, Kentucky:

6931 Highway 150, Floyds Knobs, Indiana 47119

Contact Us:  

Stuart Voyles      502-396-8281

 Nelson Voyles    502-533-2475

John Voyles          812-923-5512

Email:               info@voylesqsc.com


Quality Service Company is a service oriented company, dealing with custom fixtures, gages, small stamping dies, CNC machining, sorting, reworking and contract assembly.  We offer complete machining services from ordering the raw material, all the way through heat treatment, to the final processes.  We do many single tool and multi tool operations with our CNC mills, that include adding holes, modifying parts, engraving, as well as total milling of steel or plastic.  Quality Service Company also does a variety of other operations, such as sorting for defective component parts, wire harness rework and modifications and short run prototype modifications for pilot runs.

 With 50 Years in the business, Our  name  says  it  all 

           “QUALITY  is  our  best  service”

Since 1967, Wow that’s 50 years