Sorting and Rework

We design efficient sorting, reworking, and packaging systems that save money and time.  We offer both on-site detailing or detailing at our facility located just minutes from, Louisvile, Kentucky.  This provides immediate attention to any duress situations which arise from defective material.  We have very loyal trained employees who perform these functions, so you don’t get a different person each time a job comes around.

VoylesQSC knows that your standards are high, so we can contain suspect parts, ship as you require, hold defects, provide real time feedback and data, and work to provide long term corrective action.


While you deal with the root cause and implement corrective action, partner with VoylesQSC and let us protect you and your end user by segregating, containing, and certifying your product.

We serve many industries: Appliance, Electronics, Automotive, Marine, and Pharmaceutical.